Tour De McMuffin – McDonald’s National Breakfast Day

By robyngente, March 17, 2014

Our group SUFB, initially planned to visit 3 McDonald’s outlets during the March 2014 McDonald’s National Breakfast Day when they gave away free egg McMuffins to the first 1000 customers. Sadly we only got to visit 2 of them, McDonald’s Southville and McDonald’s Homeworks along Alabang Zapote road.

Based on my experience, here are some tips on how we can take advantage of this offer if ever McDonald’s rolls this out again:

  • Be on time. The line starts to get longer a lot faster than you think.
  • Avoid the long lines and go drive-through with your folding bike. When the crew sees on on a bike they will even encourage you to do it this way.

McDonald's National Breakfast Day McDonald's National Breakfast Day Drive Through McDonald's National Breakfast Day Drive Through 2 McDonald's National Breakfast Day Drive Through 3

  • Plan your route. If you want to go on a wild McMuffin spree make sure you plan ahead. Outlets very near schools, offices and government buildings tend to have longer lines.
  • Bring alcohol to rub off the stamp on your wrist. I managed to get mine off by just using water but just in case they get smarter it wouldn’t hurt to bring a small alcogel or alcospray with you. Hahaha
  • Bring lots of your biker friends and make sure they get there on time. Also try to make the meet up point one of those McDonald’s outlets.

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  • Take pictures. Lot’s of pictures! And post them on your group pages and on your FB wall to spread the love of biking.
  • Save those extra McMuffins! If you feel that you are already full don’t force yourself to chomp down those sandwiches. Pack them in your backpack and give them away to those homeless people that you will pass by.

The next time McDonald’s does this again, I plan on going to as many outlets as I can and I’ll be giving away those extra sandwiches to the homeless people I’ll pass by on the road.
These people would probably have no idea of such promotions since they do not have access to TVs and the Internet. It’s also a good idea not to over stuff since we will be biking around and we only need 1 or 2 servings to keep us going.
Let me hear what you did during the McDonald’s National Breakfast Day. Leave a comment, like and subscribe…


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