News5 Covers UMAGA and I Got Featured!

By robyngente, March 11, 2014

I got featured in News5… You will see me at around 00:21 of the video!

FX 13

My dream bike

Well not the whole me… But that’s really me wearing the GroundZero biking shorts that i bought from UFOC Outdoorshop. I was helping out a fellow biker unfold his Doppelganger FX 13 while the crew shoots the video for the segment. Too bad I was standing up, I should have just knelt down so I can be seen. Beside me was a fellow UFB member watching the the awesome FX 13 in all it’s glory.


We also got a tip that News5 will also be featuring one of the UFB rides this March or April.

If ever you are near Las Pinas and want to check out Sir Harold Erasquin‘s store just follow the google maps right here 🙂

If you are from UFB or SUFB just introduce yourself and ask for a discount and he will surely give you one.

What do you think?

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