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By robyngente, March 10, 2014

Another weekend has passed and here i am sharing a wonderful bike ride last Sunday, March 9, 2014.

SUFB participated in UFB’s UMAGA held in Ortigas, Emerald Avenue. This strip of the road is closed to motorized vehicles every Sunday so people could go bike, walk and run safely in the absence of cars and motorcycles.

UMAGA is UFB’s “soon-to-be-regular” general assembly for all its members where they can share some fun, laughter and experiences on the road. It’s also a good venue for those interested in bikes especially those planning to buy their own folding bike, those who want to upgrade their existing ones and also those who want to get a feel of how a certain bike model performs.

SUFB went there POW style (Padyak Ol d Way) 🙂 The group met at our usual meetup point, Jolibee Zapote and rode towards Jetti Gasoline Station near MoA to pick up a member and rode again towards JAC Liner in Buendia corner Taft to join with the Pasay City contingent. We then proceeded towards Ortigas passing through Makati City.
UFB Folding BIkesUFB Folding Bikes

More than 250 members joined the event and most of them brought their bikes with them. Most rode all the way, some did “bi-modal” commute while some brought cars carrying their folding bikes.

20140309_081237There were hundreds of bikes on display. Each with their own story to tell and all you need to do is introduce yourself to it’s rider and start making new friends.

UFB also prepared a fun amazing race contest with 6 groups each with 15 members each. I was part of team Tulala and we all had a great time making our own cheer, racing with other teams on foot to complete the missions and laughing at each others jokes. The organizers had us do the tasks mostly on foot and it was a great way for us to realize how EASY it could have been if we could just bike around and go from point A to point B.

The event was closed with UFB’s leadership talking about it mission and vision for 2014. The officers from its different departments were also introduced.
All in all it was a very good experience. This was my first time to attend a biking community assembly and the huge number of bike enthusiasts amazed me.

Here are some more pictures from our group… Please check out the group pages to join the UFB group near you.

Taking a picture of taking a picture :)

Taking a picture of taking a picture 🙂

Beatle Mania UFB Style

Beatle Mania UFB Style

SUFB and Friends Picture

SUFB and Friends

UFB's current officers

UFB’s current officers

Selfie ng Padyakero

Selfie ng Padyakero



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