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By robyngente, March 31, 2014

I had a hard time looking for a disk brake adaptor for my Aurora Doppelganger. The stock brake system of Aurora was disc for the front and v brakes for the rear. Aftermarket parts is still a bit hard to source since the use of folding bikes here is still a new and emerging market.

I also saw a number of posts in facebook selling disc brake adaptors but some were either machine shopped versions and some looked flimsy. I didnt want to gamble my safety so i waited until i found something i could trust.

A day before my Laguna Loop Recon Ride  i decided to check out Lepoy Guevarra‘s bike shop named Bike Shop sa Bayan. I knew we would encounter a lot downhill routes and I wanted to shift to using hydraulic brakes for it’s awesome stopping power. So I PMed, texted and called Lepoy to schedule a visit so i can have this worked on. Surprisingly he was very helpful and even went to his shop to personally oversee the planned upgrade.

DM-UNI Disc Brake Adaptor Manual 1There were only two units left of the DM-UNI disc brake adaptor from a2zcomponents so decided to try it out if it would fit my Aurora’s frame. I checked out their site and it says this component “retrofits tabless bikes with current disc brake system”. Below is a picture of the instruction manual.


DM-UNI Disc Brake Adaptor Manual 2

Disc Brake Adaptor 2 - DM-UNI from a2zcomponents

We were unsure if it would fit but we had to try it since I was a bit desperate to convert my rear v brake to hydraulic disc brake. After a few minutes of tinkering with it, the bike mechanic was able to install it and it was a perfect fit! It looks pretty sturdy and feels secured to the frame. He then proceeded to install the hydraulic brakes and was able to mount it to the adaptor without a hitch.

Disc brakes put a lot of pressure on the calipers and the adaptor needs to be strong enough to withstand the energy being transferred to it. Do not try to play around with disc brake adaptors, if you have the budget go with the branded ones.

The disc brake adaptor and the non-series shimano hydraulic disc brakes were put to the test when we did the Laguna Loop Recon Ride. It performed to my expectation and it helped me get back home safely. The only thing that I had to adjust while on the road were the disc brake calipers because the pads were slightly touching the discs causing it to heat up, expand and make sounds whenever I am pedaling at high speeds.

If you own a Doppelganger folding bike chances are you would have a rear v-brake. If you need or want to upgrade it to disc brakes try to get in touch with SUFB’s resident bike expert Lepoy Guevarra. He has very competent bike mechanics and is very accommodating when it comes to questions about bikes, bike parts and upgrades.

Here is a map of where Lepoy’s bike shop is located.

This is the first of a series of blog posts related to Upgrading my Aurora and I’ll try to add something new whenever I have time to write or have some bling added to my ride.

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