Upgraditis: 9 Speed Deore Cogs

By robyngente, April 1, 2014

I’ve always wanted to upgrade my Aurora from 7 speed to 9 Speed Deore Cogs. The Aurora’s stock drivetrain is a 52T doppelganger crankset, 7 speed shimano cogs with a shimano tourney rear derailleur and a 7 speed shimano thumb shifter.

The stock 7 speed cogs with its 14T/28T is ideal for city biking and anywhere that’s mostly flat. Don’t get me wrong because the stock Aurora can also do minor uphills as I have already been to Tagaytay twice coming from Las Piñas. The problem is that this setup will really put a toll on the biker and will rely heavily on the biker’s cardio and muscle power when traversing inclines. The bike’s drivetrain would also be put into a lot of stress since the largest cog, the 28T is still a tad too small especially if the incline is really steep.

I like doing long bike rides and it is often times necessary to traverse routes with some uphill segments.

The day before our Laguna Loop Ride i decided to get sick with Upgraditis so I scheduled a consultation with our resident Bike Doctor Lepoy Guevarra to ask for his opinion on how I can get cured. His prescription were the following.

9 Speed Deore Cogs Picture

9 Speed Deore Cogs 11T/34T

Shimano Hubs Picture

Shimano Hubs

Acera Rear Derailleur Picture

Acera Rear Derailleur

Acera 9 Speed Shifter Picture

Acera 9 Speed Shifter

His prescription worked wonderfully and I know for sure that I would have had a bit more difficulty with my stock 7 speed if I did not upgrade it to 9 Speed Deore Cogs. Traversing the inclines were a lot easier with the help of of the 34T cog. I was also able to keep up with the harkor SUFB recon team with the 11T combined with the stock 52T crankset.

If you own a folding bike and would like to find out how you can pimp out your ride PM Lepoy Guevarra. You can also visit his bike shop below if you are near Las Pinas.

!!! HELP !!!

I still need to do another check up to see how I can equip this little monster with dual chainrings. Has anyone of you tried upgrading an Aurora with dual chainrings? I’d like to get some ideas on how I can do this. I’ve already tried a couple of FDs and I think i need to have some sort of adaptor to push the front derailleur towards the back because its angle is a bit off when its clamped even with washers in place.

If you know what type of adaptor I need please comment below so I can move on to the next phase of my project! Thanks in advance!

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  1. dale says:

    Good day sir. I also own a doppelganger bike (assault pack 911). I just want to ask what is the cost of this upgrade. Does the crankset will also be upgraded? Thank you very much.

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