Upgraditis: Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem

By robyngente, April 29, 2014

I’ve been busy these past couple of weeks trying to figure out how I’m supposed to install the Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem onto my Aurora 219. As usual I didn’t want to just go to my local bike shop here in Las Pinas and have them install the bike part for me. Doing projects like this on my own keeps me excited and also helps me hone my skills and add experience points when it comes to this hobby.

The reason why I opted for the Quick Adjust Stem is its versatility.For me, being able to adjust the handle stem angle while on the road makes a huge difference especially when doing long rides. This is more applicable to people like me who are new to this hobby and those who still doesn’t have the core strength and flexibility to endure longer rides.Doppelganger also has a Dual Adjust Stem and it looks a lot more bad ass than its twin brother but adjusting it takes a bit more time and needs the use of tools.

So without further ado, here is another installment of my upgraditis series: Installing the Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem to my Aurora 219.

Upclose and Personal with the Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem: Some close ups of the Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem. As usual with the Doppelganger brand, it comes in a box with Japanese Manual and the make and finish of the product is good.

Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Unboxing Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Unboxing 2 Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Close Up 2 Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Close Up  Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Open Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Torque Adjustment Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Warning Sign Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Side View Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Quick Release Lever Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Angle MarkerDoppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Bottom

Things you need:

25.4mm to 1 1/8" (oversize)

25.4mm to 1 1/8″ (oversize)

Stem Adapter – While doing research online, I found out that they also refer to this as Quill Stem Adapter. The size should be 25.4mm for the lower tube and 1 1/8″ for the upper part.This one is easily available in your local bike shops. Price range is around 80 to 150 pesos.

Stem Raiser 25.4mm to 1 1/8"

Stem Raiser 25.4mm to 1 1/8″

Stem Raiser Parts

Stem Raiser Parts

Stem Raiser – The name suggests what this is used for. It raises the stem a couple of centimeters. The size should be 25.4mm for the inner diameter of the lower tube. The upper tube should be 1 1/8″. This usually comes with spacers as shown here. This one is a bit harder to find compared to the Stem Adapter. I ordered mine through Sports Avenue Retail Store and had them ship it to me via LBC. Nice people to deal with, the only problem i had with them is that they were not able to check real time the money transfer via phone banking that i sent. I had to wait a day or two to get their confirmation.

Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem – I got mine from the very friendly couple who owns JHUB. Always nice dealing with you Ma’am and Sir!
Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem Unboxing 2

Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem

How to Install: Now here comes the not so easy part. Putting it all together!!!

Step 1Remove your stock Quill Handlebar Stem from your Aurora
If you are using Aurora’s stock bullhorn remove the brake lever and any other stuff on either side together with the bar tape. If you will be using the bar tape again make sure that you do it carefully otherwise you would have to buy a new one since it looks ugly and creates a bulge when you try to piece together torn bar tapes.

Insert the Stem AdapterInsert the Stem Adaptor and fasten using a hex wrench. Make sure that you do not overtighten it but tight enough to keep it in place.

Stem Adapter Inserted

Insert the Stem RaiserPut the Stem Raiser on top of the Stem Adaptor. Fasten the bolts with a hex wrench. Add the necessary number spacers.The stem cap will be of no use here since we will be placing the Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem on top of this later.

Stem Raiser Inserted
Insert the Doppelganger Quick Adjust StemPlace the Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem on top and tighten the bolts. Make sure that it clamps tightly.
Insert the Bullhorn

Once it’s in place insert the bullhorn on to Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem. You would have to twist and sometimes angle it correctly to make it slide through.

Adjust the Torque

Adjust the screw located inside the Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem using a small hex wrench.This is used to adjust the torque needed by the Quick Adjust stem so it holds the bullhorn in place and also keeps the angled part of the stem from moving. Im not sure how one is supposed to measure the torque force but if it’s too easy to clamp down you need to tighten it.

Cockpit Close Up

Now all you need to do is put everything that you have removed from your bullhorn and adjust the stem according to your needs. choose the stem angle and clamp everything in place.

Here is the finished project. Enjoy!
Cockpit Facing Left Finished Top View Finished 3
Cockpit Finished 6 Finished 7 Finished

How about you? What upgrade or mod have you done to your Doppelganger lately?
By the way, I’m planning on featuring other Doppelganger bike upgrades and setups in my blog. If you wanna see your ride on my blog leave a COMMENT below and send me pictures of your cool ride!

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