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Upgraditis: Hello Hornit dB140… Goodbye Hornito

By robyngente, April 9, 2014

Before I purchased my Hornit dB140 earlier today I’ve been using “hornito” for 5 months. Aptly coined as the poor man’s Hornit because of its low price, it was an “ok” bike horn for those who do not frequent the busy streets of Metro Manila. The jeeps, cars, buses and trucks would have a hard time hearing you with the hornito but pedestrians would normally look back and you will get noticed. If you do not frequently ride your folding bike on busy streets, and not not into shouting “bike bike bike” or using that “kring kring” then this is something you might want to add to your folding bike accessories.

I’ve recently had an itch to purchase the Hornit after I realized that my hornito is not loud enough for drivers to notice that a bike is nearby. I’ve had the chance to test the Hornit dB140 since one of the SUFB members had one installed on his Strida. I was surprised how something so small can make a sound that loud.

Hornit dB140 Box

So here goes a newbie biker’s unboxing of the Hornit dB140 Cycle Horn and how I set it up on my folding bike…

Hornit dB140 box picture

Hornit dB140

This is a seriously loud cycle horn, with a 140 decibel rating this bad boy is equivalent to the dB rating of a  a gun shot. There is also a warning on the box saying that prolonged exposure to anything close to 140dB can cause serious injury to the ears, so don’t get trigger happy when you get yours. It is supposed to be that loud that so you don’t need to squeeze it that often. It is run by 2 x AAA batteries and is supposed to last 6-12 months without battery replacement (if the average use per day is 6 X 1 second bursts).

It comes with free batteries, handle bar fixing and a small plastic hex screw.

Hornit dB140 Parts Picture

Below are a few shots of the main unit showing it in different angles.

Hornit dB140 Main Unit 3Hornit dB140 Main Unit Hornit dB140 Main Unit





Here is a close up of the trigger and wire that connects to the main unit. The hook is used to fasten the elastic band around the handle bar.

Hornit dB140 TriggerHornit dB140 Trigger Hornit dB140 Trigger




And below is the handlebar fixing with the plastic hex screw used to fix it in place

Hornit dB140 handlebar fixing Hornit dB140 handlebar fixing Hornit dB140 plastic screw




Now this is how my cockpit looks like 🙂

Doppelganger Aurora Cockpit

Doppelganger Aurora Cockpit

Doppelganger Aurora Cockpit

Can you spot where I placed the trigger button? I tried placing it in the handle bar and it felt awkward. Felt like i didnt have that much control so I decided to use my left index finger to do the job and placed it on the brake lever instead. No problem reaching since it’s near the lever and I still have full control of the handle bar while pressing it. Where did you place yours?

Doppelganger Aurora Cockpit

I know it looks a bit cramped and I’m wondering if there is something like a handle bar extension so i can place the cateye cyclo computer on it and move the lights on the right side.

Please comment below if you have an idea how I can improve the arrangement or if you know where I can source the handlebar extension. I’m pretty sure I saw something either in the SUFB or UFB group pages.

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    BUY a cyclo mount so you can install your light and cateye. ~DIMAC

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