Corregidor Island Bike Tour

By robyngente, November 4, 2014

Corregidor Island is a tadpole shaped island located at the entrance of Manila Bay. This little island was used multiple times as a defense fortress from the Spanish Colonial Era up until World War II. During WW II this little island was fortified with multiple coastal artilleries to deter Japanese invaders.The allied forces stationed here held up against the Japanese army to deny them the use of Manila Bay. They were forced to surrender on May 6, 1942 when their food, water and ammunition was depleted.

Today, Corregidor serves as a tourist spot and a historical monument that showcases the old military installations and buildings damaged during WW II.

Our group, Centurions Cycling Club together with some of our friends from South Folding Bikers and UFB Las Pinas got a package for a guided biking tour last October 26, 2014. We got it through a promo deal from Sun Cruises which costs Php 950 per person. Included are the round trip tickets, the guided tour and a lunch buffet.

This is the itinerary included during our trip

  1. Registration / Check-in time – 6:00 to 7:00 am
  2. Departure Manila – 8:00 am
  3. Arrival Corregidor – 9:15 am
  4. Orientation at Corregidor Docking area
  5. Start of Biking
  6. Lunch at Kiosk (South Beach) / Wash up 12:30-1:30pm
  7. Boarding – 1:45pm
  8. Departure Corregidor – 2:30 pm
  9. Arrival Manila – 3:45 pm

Boarding Area is located at CCP Complex, Fernando Maria Guerrero St., Paseo Palisoc, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City (near Coconut Palace; at the back of Folk Arts Theater).

Here are some of my general observations about the tour:

  • The upper deck were all occupied by bikers and we shared a few laughs with them. Both the upper and lower decks were air conditioned but the ride going home was a bit hotter than when we were going to the island. Most probably because there were additional passengers who got on board in the afternoon.
  • Comfort rooms were ok and are situated at the lower deck.
  • Seats were comfy enough for the short ride.
  • There is a small store on the upper deck but a bit pricey.
  • Glass windows were a bit stained so don’t expect to get good pictures if you plan on taking shots through the windows.
  • Corregidor has well paved roads and some light trails. There are a lot of minor uphills so check your brakes.
  • Stick to the middle of the road because the sides have lots of slippery moss (lumot).
  • Try to take lots of pictures because that’s what this ride is about. Go inside the museum, the light house and the barracks.
  • Always follow the tour guide. There are places you shouldn’t go to because of safety reasons. Remember the ruins there are very old and can collapse any moment so don’t even try
  • The lunch buffet was ok for the price we paid. Don’t buy soft-drinks in the lunch buffet area. It’s too expensive. Hahaha


  • Bring 1 to 1.5 L of water. The guided tour has ATVs and Jeepneys that will follow the group around and they sell refreshments but at a much higher price
  • Arrive early so you guys can have time to take pictures in the dock
  • Charge your phones and bring extra battery if you will be using GPS tracking apps or will be using your smart phone to take lots of pictures and videos
  • Be self sufficient and bring your bike and human repair kits. There are no bike shops around and if ever you need something repaired be ready to do it yourself
  • If you cant go on anymore or your bike is beyond repair they have Jeepneys that can accommodate you and your bike so you can still follow the group around the island
  • Stick with the group so you don’t get lost. You can sneak out of the pack and be a lone wolf and tour the small island but it’s more fun to be with friends
  • Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but tire tracks. Be responsible enough to throw your trash in the right places or keep them inside your pockets or bags if garbage bin is in sight.

Here is the strava route including the boat ride 🙂

Here my Google+ Story about the ride (With Picture and Video)


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  1. May Santos says:

    HI, Just to add, the trail route was fun. I brought with me my foldie but insisted to be grouped with the big bikes instead of the foldies.

    The big bikes will cross the path with trail and those with small bikes will pave the path with no trail. Being the only girl in the group of 9 boys and majority of them brought their MTBs, we all experienced separation anxiety when i was grouped with the foldies and they will be grouped with the big bikers. To address this, i sneaked in the big bike’s group. I couldnt say it was a good idea since I walked around 100+ meters due to the big rocks, but the whole trail experience made it more exciting. Personally, if you guys are just after a chillax picture mode trip, bring your foldie. But if you want a pinch of thrill in the trail, bring your MTBs. Either way, the whole Corregidor Trip is worth it

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