CCC Goes to Baler Jan 15-18, 2015

By robyngente, February 3, 2015

Padyak all the way to Baler.

We started 10:30pm at Total Gas Station in Munoz. We were all 30mins in advance with the agreed meet up time of 11pm, di nman halatang excited kme 🙂

Route description via Pantabangan: Difficult especially pag kulang sa tulog. Mix of cement and dirt road.

Baler experience : 5stars!!!! Baler should be in every bikers ride destination!! Kudos and a big thumbs up to Aurora Bikers led by Sir Dex and Sir Leo who accommodated us, took care of us, became our tour guides and best of all, became our friends!!! We will forever be grateful to all of you!

Thank you to Kuya William B. Hernandez who guided us and helped us reach our goal. Love ka nmen sir, promise! 🙂

by May Santos


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