Successful Bicleanik101

By robyngente, February 8, 2015

Successful Bicleanik101

#OneSouth‘s South Folding Bikers group conducted a mini course on basic bicycle maintenance, cleaning and troubleshooting last Jan 24, 2015 and it was a success!!!

Newbies like me learned a lot from it whilst the veterans were able to share a few tips and tricks of their own. Almost all types of bikes were well represented folding bikes, road bikes and MTBs. We even had a guest speaker Galicano Siton, from LPedal who gladly shared his technical knowledge of bikes coming from years of his biking experience and adventure.

My rigid Mosso was so lucky to have been chosen as the bike to be used in the cleaning exercise done by Mr President Inigo Xavier Reyes himself. Pati singit ginamitan ng cotton buds!!! Iba ka mag alaga sa bisikleta sir!

Below is the man himself busting his ass cleaning my bike which made me a little ashamed for bringing such a dirty bike to the event.

Kelan kaya ang part 2 mga sirs?

The mini course included the ff items which were discussed in detail:

  1. Introduction
    1. Different types of bike
    2. Knowing your bike – bike components
      1. frame & fork
      2. cockpit
      3. wheelset
      4. brake system
      5. drivetrain
      6. accessories
  2. Bike maintenance
    1. Cleaning your bike
    2. Periodic checkup of components
      1. Brakes
      2. Tires/tubes
      3. Lubes/greasing
      4. Rims/alignment
  3. Troubleshooting
    1. Brake system
    2. Drivetrain
    3. Minor component tweaks
  4. Safety gears
  5. Must have tools (at home and on road)

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Below are some of the pics from the Bicleanik101




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