News5 Covers UMAGA and I Got Featured!

March 11, 2014

I got featured in News5… You will see me at around 00:21 of the video! Well not the whole me… But that’s really me wearing the GroundZero biking shorts that i bought from UFOC Outdoorshop. I was helping out a fellow biker unfold his Doppelganger FX 13 while the crew shoots the video for the segment. Too […]

UFB Members March UMAGA


March 10, 2014

Another weekend has passed and here i am sharing a wonderful bike ride last Sunday, March 9, 2014. SUFB participated in UFB’s UMAGA held in Ortigas, Emerald Avenue. This strip of the road is closed to motorized vehicles every Sunday so people could go bike, walk and run safely in the absence of cars and […]

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