Upgraditis: Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem

April 29, 2014

I’ve been busy these past couple of weeks trying to figure out how I’m supposed to install the Doppelganger Quick Adjust Stem onto my Aurora 219. As usual I didn’t want to just go to my┬álocal bike shop here in Las Pinas and have them install the bike part for me. Doing projects like this […]

Upgraditis: 9 Speed Deore Cogs

April 1, 2014

I’ve always wanted to upgrade my Aurora from 7 speed to 9 Speed Deore Cogs. The Aurora’s stock drivetrain is a 52T doppelganger crankset, 7 speed shimano cogs with a shimano tourney rear derailleur and a 7 speed shimano thumb shifter. The stock 7 speed cogs with its 14T/28T is ideal for city biking and […]

Upgraditis : Disc Brake Adaptor

March 31, 2014

I had a hard time looking for a disk brake adaptor for my Aurora Doppelganger. The stock brake system of Aurora was disc for the front and v brakes for the rear. Aftermarket parts is still a bit hard to source since the use of folding bikes here is still a new and emerging market. […]

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